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Lynn Pisses On The Bleachers!

Lynn had just had the chief dispute she had ever had with her roommate following she walked in on her having sex with two guys on their kitchen table. It wasn’t that she cared that she was fucking two guys other than it was that they were going at it on the kitchen table! Lynn started yelling other than when they all just stood there totally naked she didn’t know what as well to do other than walk out of the room. Lynn soon found herself standing in a park sip the road from her house and there was no one as well almost so she took the opportunity to sit drink and try to relax so that she might let go of individual so frustrated.

Lynn had stormed out of there so quickly that she hadn’t even taken a short time to take a pee and by the time she got to the park she was bursting for a piddle. When she knew that no one as well was approaching to the park she determined to do something libidinous and take a piddle right there on the bleachers. As she pulled drink her panties and felt the tranquil breeze on her vagina she couldn’t consider how wet it made her just to think about taking a wee outdoors!

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Toch niet alleen | episode012

Toch niet alleen

Brunette waant zich alleen op een bouwterrein. Niet dus! Nadat ze stiekem gepist heeft stapt de gluurder op haar af en biedt 50 euro als hij haar kutje mag onderbrommen. Tja, geld is geld, dus gaat ze overstag. Stiekem vindt ze pass on warme gele straal over haar kutje toch wel heel erg lekker…

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